Thursday 1st October at 18.00 hrs Falsomagro (traditional meat roll)


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Farsu magru, also spelled as farsumagru, is a traditional meat roll dish in Sicilian cuisine that dates to the 13th century. Farsu magru is available in many areas of Sicily, often served for special occasions. The name of this dish, Falsomagro,  means false lean or stuffed lean.  Although it looks like a simple roast beef, hidden inside are rich layers of prosciutto, cheese, and a meat/sausage stuffing studded with peas. At the center of the roast are hard boiled eggs.  When the slices of meat are set on a platter over the rich meat-flavored sauce, the presentation is quite dramatic. Every Sicilian family puts it own variation of stuffing inside

Join us, sit back and learn the easy way – or get the ingredients ready beforehand ( we will send you the ingredients list) and cook along with us

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Date: October 01, 2020

Start time: 18:00 CEST

End time: 19:00 CEST