Let’s Talk Lasagna


This download includes video and corresponding recipes dedicated to help you make your own lasagna from scratch – both meat or vegetarian.

After purchase you will receive a link to download a compressed/zip file that includes the video and PDF recipes with notes.



Let’s Talk Lasagna – both meat or vegetarian based

Where would the world be without Lasagna! Not only a tasty dish but versatile too. A perfect dish to prepare ahead of time and impress when ready to eat.

We are going to show you a Spinach and Ricotta Lasagna from scratch – even making your own pasta sheets – although this is optional and pre made are fine too!

Learn how to create the subtle pumpkin cream sauce and the best way to prepare the spinach. Hints and tips for assembling this iconic dish too!

And if you want to pump up the volume with minced meat we will explain that too. This classic lasagna is a crowd pleasure – in the video we will show you how tomato the best ragu to add depth and flavour to this pasta dish.

Complete recipes come with this video so not only can you watch every part of the process and rewatch whenever you need to but you have the printable recipe as well