Let’s Talk Sicilian Street Food


This download includes video and corresponding recipes dedicated to help you make a selection of Sicilian Street Food( including chicken fritters and veg in tempura)  with threes accompanying dips.

After purchase you will receive a link to download a compressed/zip file that includes the video and PDF recipes with notes.



We are dedicating this class to frying which is really reflected in our Sicilian street food … we are going to look at the typical fried antipasti and three very different but definitely delicious sauces

So first what to dip?
Panelle a small fritter containing chickpea flour and might sound mundane but is , in fact, delicious!
It is usually served in typical Sicilian bread covered with sesame seeds. Bread stuffed with panelle can be easily purchased in fry shops (including street vendors called panellari) throughout Palermo.

Sicilian Potato Croquettes – simple and quick to make … just as quick as they will disappear from your table once served!
Vegetables in tempura – in this video we will be doing cauliflower – but you can ring SO many changes!
Cheese fritters – cheese and anchovies a winning combo!

And to accompany this naughty deliciousness three dips from scratch

  • A mayo and salsa tartar
  • A spicy sauce dip
  • and balsamic vinegar sauce dip

What’s not to love … lets fry together !!