Pasta alla Muddica (Free)


This download includes video and corresponding recipes dedicated to help you make your own Pasta alla Muddica.

After purchase you will receive a link to download a compressed/zip file that includes the video and PDF recipes with notes.



We are delighted to offer our free on demand video for “Pasta alla Muddica” translated to Pasta with Breadcrumbs – but don’t be deceived by it’s modest ingredients – deliciousness at it’s best!

Some enjoy this dish with anchovies but we prefer plain breadcrumbs and, if you like, cheese on top. Pasta with breadcrumbs or “pasta ca’ muddica” as we call it in Sicilian. This is peasant food at it’s best! All you need is leftover bread, spaghetti, olive oil and if you fancy it cheese. Another classic example of cucina povera, or making do with what’s in your food cupboard.

For many of you who like pasta that is crispy (especially those corners of lasagna) you will love this alternative. Crispy bits of breadcrumbs all over the spaghettoni! And the variations are endless…