Tiramisu x 12 people 

6 yolks- Elvira will only use the freshest chicken organic eggs

150 g of white sugar

1/2 Kilo Mascarpone

1/2 kilo of fresh  cream  whipped

the best quality savoiardi biscuits (buy 2 packets )

300 ml of illy coffee – the best type of coffee you can get – done and cooled down

ADD 50 ml of Vecchia Romania or Cognac into the coffee

Bitter cocco powder



whisk your yolks and sugar

Then stir in the Mascarpone  (but work with it a little before  and don’t use it from directly the fridge as it would be too hard and would mix probably )

Fold in your whipped cream

Soak your biscuits In the coffee and alcohol – briefly not too much ( you don’t want them too soft ) .

Layering your tiramisu

Bottom layer biscuit – layer of cream – layer again of biscuit and final layer of cream

Sprinkle with cocco powder