Wine tasting on the terrace


Villa Britannia Events organises home private dining at Villa Britannia.

If you are looking for a quite , home  atmosphere  and   only exclusively  seasonal  Sicilian food  , there’s no better place in town  …

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Where do you eat ? 

On Villa Britannias terrace . You will have your own private table  , the terrace faces the sea and Taormina town  view and the lounge to you back  with the antique Sicilian Bar .

Do I choose the menu ?

Yes you do ! We let you know before hand the menu options (normally a choice between 3 separate menus )  and you decide which one you prefer for dinner or lunch option  .
Our menu is completely seasonal , so thats why things change , but only for the best 🙂

Minimum number of people to have a private dining experience  ?

Theres no minimum number , even ifs it just the 2 of you , give us a shout and will see whats possibile.

how to book ? 

You have to book before hand , phone us , email us , whats up us .. telegram us ….. .details are below
+ 39 3386319657
+39 0942 620109

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Please contact us for more info or general inquiries 

Quotes and prices  for the whole home dining experience  vary on the season and number of people , get in contact and will send you exact quote within 24 hours.

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